A. Interior Design

Interior Design is the art of planning & organizing spaces (commercial or Residential to attain a designed outcome. At Rofrah Trading Ltd we are always eager to hear a client “Brief” & generate appropriate design concepts, blue prints, templates, mood boards, perspective drawings, sketches & ideations e.t.c which can then assist us to manipulate an existing space to fit an intended use, customize it to conform with a client’s preference or even make it more useful. This includes, hyping the spirit of a space by creating vocal points , actuating “dead” spaces to bring them to “life” & Accessorizing a space using interior design fundamentals; (Principles & Elements)

  • Interior design templates generation & consultation services.
  • Space planning & design ( Residential / Commercial ).
  • Floor Plans, Scales & Architectural Drawings.
  • Color Themes Generation.
  • Interior Decoration.
  • Accessories & Soft 

B. Interior Fittings / Decoration:

Interior decoration is the spirit of taking already existing spaces & adding or fitting decorating elements to make them;

  • Beautiful, appealing & easy on the eye.
  • Conform to the certain, intended function.
  • Personalize & customize to a client’s individual taste or class.
  • Workable & fun to live in. etc..

At Rofrah Trading Ltd, we pride ourselves as connoisseurs when it comes to creating interior & exterior finishes. Using the choicest array of fittings, soffits, decorating paints, floorings & ceilings, we are able to spruce up boring, empty shells into realistic, fun, bold, colorful inviting homes.

Our main goal is create * artful elegant looking homes that denote the look, the feeling to match a lifestyle or even your personality. Feel free to call & give us your brief so that we can come up with a template & a befitting budget.

Our summarized scope of work in this cuts across residential or commercial development & includes the following;

1. Ceiling Works;

Gypsum ceilings, Acoustic ceilings, PVC ceilings, TNG wood ceilings, LHP Board ceiling etc..

2. Floorings Works;

Tiling works, Terrazo floor installation, wood banquettes installation etc..

3. Paintings & Decoration Works;

House painting color schemes generation, ruff in tiff exterior textured finishes application, wallpapers installation, wall effects application, vocal point’s creation, e.t.c..

4. Curtain Works;

Curtain rods installation making fabric curtains, office blinds etc..

5. Grazing Works;

Installing window panes, decorative glasses, curtain walling, cladding, facades, windows film & tints. etc…

6. Kitchen & Wardrobes Works;

Fitting works for MDF & wood kitchens, granite & marble worktops, kitchen islands, inbuilt cookers, wardrobes & walk-in closets including the six types of kitchen layout designs. i.e;

  • One wall kitchen.
  • U-Shaped.
  • L-Shaped.
  • Island Kitchen.
  • G-shaped.
  • Gallery ( Parallel ).

7. Furnitures & Furnishings Works;

We do fit in of customized coaches, sofas, beds, tables, home office furniture. etc.

8. Welding Works (Steel Iron Mongery)

We undertake on-site welding, fabrication & installation works of;

  • Steel Gates.
  •  Steel Doors & Windows.
  •  Stair Grills.
  • Furniture (beds & Chairs) etc..
  • Car Shades.
  • Swings.
  • Containers Fabrication Works.
  • Steel Shades Markets.
  • Steel Roofing. etc..

See Below Our On-site Work Demos. 

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